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Ophrys holubyana

Where to find Ophrys holubyana?

Ophrys holubyana (Ophrys holubyana) occurs in Slovakia in the following habitats: meadows, pasture, bushy slopes, forest edges. It is considered as critically endangered species. The main treats are habitat destruction, secondary succession.

Ophrys holubyana

Ophrys holubyana

Orchid height 15-40 cm

Flowering time May-June

Flower color viollet-brown

Orchid biotop meadows, pasture, bushy slopes, forest edges

Altitudinal vegetation zone foothill zone-submontane zone

Distribution in Slovakia Malé Karpaty, Biele Karpaty, Považský Inovec, Strážovské vrchy, Turčianska kotlina

Distribution Slovakia

Conservation status critically endangered

Threats habitat destruction, secondary succession

This orchid produces hybrids with Ophrys insectifera

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