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Epipactis tallosii

Where to find Epipactis tallosii?

Epipactis tallosii (Epipactis tallosii) occurs in Slovakia in the following habitats: wetlands, riparian vegetation with willows and poplars. It is considered as endangered species. The main treats are bad forest management.

Epipactis tallosii

Epipactis tallosii

Orchid height 20-49 cm

Flowering time July-September

Flower color yellow-green

Orchid biotop wetlands, riparian vegetation with willows and poplars

Altitudinal vegetation zone foothill zone-montane zone

Distribution in Slovakia Podunajská nížina, Strážovské vrchy

Distribution Slovakia

Conservation status endangered

Threats bad forest management

This orchid produces hybrids with -

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